THE BUMP COMPANY-electricity from speed bumps

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In every developing countries there are thousands of kilometers of highways,and thousands of underdeveloped villages near them,many of these highways are closed and this causes a great deal of burden for the villages as they or their cattles cannot even cross the road ,so to develop this villages and also to compensate the trouble highways are doing for the villagers,i humbly present THE BUMP COMPANY,here we use the tens of thousand of speed bumps to generate electricity,a simple closely placed 10 bumps could easily make 25 kilowatts per day at the minimum simply converting the energy and that is enough to electrify a small village . with street lamps that will also light the insides of homes as in most dry areas houses are open ,and will also help to irrigate the fields,so the more the vehicles on the road the merrier the villagers would be.



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