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This turbine has been tested on two computer simulation programs. They showed that the power of the vertical turbine with propellers is 3 times more  than without them. And when you add a turbo expander the power becomes 5 times more.

It  fundamentally differs from approved.

The uniqueness of this turbine has already been proven by the fact that it has received a patent.

This turbine can cool air. This effect is reached by that the turbine contains  the turboexspander - the centrifugal turbine. The air extends on it and will be cooled.

So the cascade of these turbines can be arranged around solar power plants. They will cool the solar panels and therefore increase their power. In addition, they will generate additional electricity at night.

The high pressure for  the turboexspander is created by a special design of the turbine. In particular:

  In similar prototypes the same concept is realized: This is the creation  of artificial whirlwind with ascending streams.

    And in this variant  is not created   a artificial  ascending whirlwind, but  two whirlwinds collide inside the turbine.

And the turbine is rotated by air pressure from the inside.

     In general the prototype of the submitted turbine is the vertical propeller for  windgenerator.

Lack of such propellers is their small efficiency. As 1/3 blades rotate against a wind and 1/3 more stays idle.

And in the submitted turbine work is made with all blades.

   This effect is reached by that between vertical blades  of the turbine horizontal propellers   are located, which force air in space between blades.

Such horizontal propellers can be a more with different radii.

  Between these propellers in the center of the turbine is   placed a  turboexpander which will acquire capacity of forced air.

  The raised pressure inside the turbine presses on all blades and expander equally and forces them to rotate. As these blades are located to internal pressure under a sharp corner.    

   Different variants of combined  turbine are possible - with different vortex effects. For example:


1.     The version without turboexpander in the middle will not be able to cool the air, but the propellers will be able to create higher pressure inside and therefore on the side blades.

2.     The  "half" version with one propeller and with a shield in front of those side blades that rotate upwind. The correct direction of this shield is automatically adjusted by the wind vane. Such a flat version can be installed on the roofs of ships.

3.     It can also be installed on cars as an additional source of energy.


4.      The turbine has the shape of a cone. In this scenario, a lot of the combined propellers with a small radius will be pumping air into the chamber with the vertical blades of large radius. This difference of  radien allows the use of centrifugal acceleration.

  This variant of the turbine is the most effective cooler, as air is very strongly cooled at expansion on turbodetander.

   If this turbine to put on seacoast in desert it will condense water. Thus to turn out two products - an electricity and  distilled water.

     5.The "configuration" of streams of Shrauberger basically can be applied on this turbine too. In that case the lateral blades  will "pump out" air from within turbines. The vacuum inside is filled with atmospheric pressure, under the influence of which the propellers rotate.

Such active propellers wasn't at turbine of Shrauberger. I.e. in the presented variant work is made by atmospheric pressure too!

The forms and the number of blades or nozzles  and propellers can vary  in a wide range to achieve maximum power.

  This version of the  turbine is the best synthesis of known technologies of Richard Klemm and Victor Shrauberger. But these inventors considered that their turbines work on any cavitation and emplosion. Therefore their designs have many superfluous details which reduce potential efficiency

 But  this version  has no pump and radiator as against predecessors. But it has forcing propellers, the turboexpander and a flywheel.

These details increase capacity of the turbine many times over. 



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