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I believe the young people as a next leader on future in one nation and absolutely on the world. With a great education and health well-being, we can remove poverty and more hunger around the world. But to make this become true, it's not an easy step. Inspire to Beauty With A Purpose on Miss World Organization and many program of UNICEF to make a new dream to all children around the world. This idea was born on my mind.The first step what I want do it, it's make a collaboration with another organization on my province like Sriwijaya Teaching and Love and Peace Community to make a project entitled The Young Lantern. The young mean actually the young generation with a fresh energy to build a dream become a reality and Lantern means the tools to make a light on the night in a village on my country. The main of this project is to teach the village's children to break the old mindset about the village children just can become like their parents like as traditional farmer, we have more good future like they become the traditional but with more knowledge to make a better product with a low cost. This program also to their parents especially to their mothers. With a collaboration from a college student and fresh graduate from many sectors, we can make a job development and skill training to make all mothers can have a more money to help her husband and her family and to all fathers and mans on the village when we visit, We also make a action program to them with technology skill traning to access internet, so they can sell their products more easy from before. This program can more help with all sector in South Sumatera Province and Indonesia Government



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