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Providing sustainable energy is paramount for us all to increase living standards and opportunities for continuos development.

My contribution is the effort in transforming how we think and execute road transportation. My mission is to turn habits and traditions away from conventional fossile engines and make autonomous transportation become a natural part of our smart grid.

Todays road transportation is heavily challenged by:

Increase in population and road accidents, increased travel time, parking shortage, pollution, ressources for vehicle manufacturing and maintenance, exceeding costs in vehicle ownership, zero scalability and none adaptive to e.g. community power grid.

My invention, the concept 'Transport As A Service' (TAAS) provides a solution meeting these challenges and offers an overall concept in solving any transport need realtime autonomously. This means a solution supporting transportation for everyone, anytime, for every need, immediately and for any budget, based on full scalability.

TAAS primarily supports 'Sustainable Energy' as it is directly adaptive in todays infrastructure and green energy supply
as in becoming a natural part of providing energy in stead of consuming energy. Though the concept also supports 'Sustainable Cities' since its highly beneficial towards adapting exact needs and cover the above mentioned challenges.

So far I have patented the TAAS in Denmark (home country) and research have proved that my innovation and idea isn't existing elsewhere. As I am in the process of applying patents globally I am not able to upload documentation before these are filed. I will be able to provide images and video hopefully within your set timeframe.

In parallel I am working on a prototype, developing a business plan and approaching investors to accelerate progress towards bringing TAAS to life. To this stage I developed everything myself and put in all my spare time and finances for the past 4 years. Time has come for teaming up and bring this to the next level which is my motivation on participating in Initiative for Global Prosperity hoping for gaining financial support to the coming development.

Autonomous transportation is to be considered 2nd generation of transportation and will have is debut around year 2025. Since this is still based on fixed objects and not scalable as min concept, I see TAAS as the 3rd generation of transportation integrating technology, culture, green energy, full scalable cost to suit individual needs and options into one solution.

My concept rests on a solution where there is no typical vehicle ownership nor financial dependency, moving away from traditions and provide transportation as simple as possible, only being charged for the exact service provided. As a customer (professional or private) the AI behind will eventually be strong enough to calculate needs and provide a transport solution on its own dispatched from a central marketplace associated with multiple transport providers. The transport providers can be anyone who will be able to provide the service founded on TAAS concept and patent guidelines. For this I consider TAAS to have a huge potential in impacting all levels of customers, ideology, culture and conventional transport businesses.

I hope my application qualifies for participating in Initiative for Global Prosperity and will be available for any questions.

Thank you for this huge initiative moving the world to an even better place.


Jesper Kristiansen



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