Turn-Key Solution in Fish Processing

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A Business Model

The model description is about offering a turn-key solution when a fish processor needs to establish or update fish processing facilities. Normally, the fish processor hits a wall when he starts the process on his own and quickly recognize he must have an expert involved to manage the project. It is difficult to find a supplier which is willing to manage and supervise the design and the construction of the processing building, the design of the refrigeration systems and spaces, the design and supply of the processing equipment and solution, the water treatment solution, etc.  In fact, I am using my experience and expertise to set-up this business model and do have numerous of companies which are supporting the idea.  Furthermore, the plan is to involve finance companies when funding supports are needed.

A major element in this structure is the sales network. The idea is to build the sales network on freelance project sales managers. The persons entering the sales network don’t need to have expertise in fish processing but should be experts finding projects in their local area and/or areas which are familiar to them.  There is no binding nor any agreement, only trust.  A person who finds a potential project will be award with a sales fee if the project ends on WIN.

It is my hope the set-up and the support will increase the number of fish processors supplying products of proper quality and for affordable prices to the low-income population in the world.



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