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We are TWIHAZE, a new and modern Agricultural company that is going to bring the benefits of a technology called Aquaponics (Aquaponics is a combination of 2 systems, aquaculture (Raising of aquatic animals) and hydroponics (Cultivation without soil by using water)). The Aquaponics technology can take many forms of implementation (In house where they use electric lighting to grow plants, Outdoors where they use the sun rays, not only these, there are numerous physical possibilities of designing an Aquaponics system numbering size, scale, shape, materials used, etc.). For TWIHAZE to bring this technology and for it to be used locally in Rwanda it will need a lot of design thinking and data collection, searching for the basic materials that would help setup such systems and maintain them. To maintain biodiversity in an aquatic system requires basic rules of biology, but to meet these would need to analyze the available materials financially, and that would not need a lot of skills to sustain, because An Aquaponics system is rather simple. We have been researching on this concept for more than 3 years now, there are numerous information out there, after coming up with a clear concept we are looking for funds to create the first working prototype, and we are committed to this cause. 

TWIHAZE brings you a system that will produce not only healthy food (Vegetables, fish...) but is like a decoration for your livelihood, aquarium like glow and biodiversity in your backyard. This system is called Aquaponics (A combination of 2 systems aquaculture (Raising aquatic animals) and Hydroponics (Growing of crops without soil by using water)) well-structured in a way that it's an ornament for modern architecture where nature is welcomed. After aquaponics is setup, you only feed the fish and the fish's poo and food residue in water feeds the plants, water is circulated in the system using a small pump. It goes on as long as the fish are there because the all the nutrients the plants need is bio-available in the water solution coming from the fish. Filtered and sent back to the fish again.

Impact of project on community: Rwanda is small and land locked country which has high population density. 61 % of African population involve in agriculture sector, and 80% of population in Rwanda involve in agriculture activities and most those farmers practice agriculture traditionally due to ignorance, low technology, small piece of land and so on. This result to low quantity and quality production and this cause malnutrition problems in our country. So TWIHAZE is going to bring a promising technology that will provide steady supply of organic food (fish and vegetables) in both dry and rainy seasons. 

our objective is

·        to allow farmers to grow vegetables and flower even in dry season without worrying about irrigation or relying to rain.

·         Producing organic food

·         Influence the youth to join agriculture in a modern way as many of them don’t own land.

·         A well designed aquaponics system may be viewed as an aquarium in homes.

·         Allow small portion of land to produce more yield compared to the production of traditional way.

·         Implement aquaponics in refugee camps for emergencies and grow a steady and reliable food supply

·         Make the society be more aware of self-reliant agricultural practices.


      socially if the project ware to be successful every small household in the country even in cost Africa will be able to set up a small aquaponics system to balance the food diet and food security and of course they will be having us as a model and mentor to help them how to maintain their system. Economically 70% of farmers will be able to satisfy the market and benefit all the money used in importing fresh product.

       our technology will provide organic food (vegetables) and flowers that can compete on the market because of its originality. In Rwanda most farmers grows vegetables using chemicals that cause some diseases to the consumers so our technology will be interestingly because it provide organic food, organic fish and flowers.

It’s been 3years researching on this technology and studying on its market and we discover that, it will be best solution on some problems: malnutrition diseases, inadequate irrigation practices due to sacristy of water insufficient cultivable soil and as a solution this system can give a produce either in dry or rainy seasons.     



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