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The Philippines, blessed with plenty of natural resources, is considered by many as an agriculture country. Sadly, it cannot feed its own people. Average age of farmers in the country is 59 years old. Most of their children would rather migrate in the city and get a 9-5 job, than spend 12 hours working in the field with the hot scorching sun like their parents. Students taking up agriculture keeps dwindling every year. Add to that the extreme weather conditions caused by climate change, that frequently ravages the country side.

As early as August, the Philippines has already been affected by El Nino, which normally happens once every 20 years, now occurs every other year. 

Present agriculture practices are not enough to feed the world's current population, what more when we reach 10 billion. The need to produce more food using less resources is the critical issue we need to solve. Agriculture accounts to more than 60% of fresh water used all over the world. 

UPROOT Urban Farms is a social enterprise that creates impact through sustainable food production systems that enables communities and businesses to transition towards a circular economy in the Philippines. Our goal is to provide people natural food that is ACCESSIBLE, AVAILABLE and AFFORDABLE.


High end produce grown from sustainable food production systems powered by fish poop. Real food that is grown locally, literally a few blocks away from establishments, highly nutritious and fresh quality produce, harvested the same day it was ordered, minimising food wastage and food miles. We also incorporate solar energy to power our systems, ensuring environmental sustainability. 


We provide our partner communities Sustainable Communal Food Production Centers or “Grow Hubs” for urban farming that is powered by Aquaponics, where the community is able to grow high-end produce for UPROOT, in return UPROOT buys the produce at a higher price from the community and provide access to market by selling the high-end produce to hotels and restaurants at a premium price.

Through UPROOT’s “Grow Hubs” not only marginalised communities will have an advantage from it—restaurants, hotels, resorts and their customers will benefit from it as well, giving them access to quality, high-end produce that is 100% chemical and pesticide free, grown within the confines of the community, guaranteeing freshness while significantly lower logistics expenses of establishments.

UPROOT’s Grow hubs will be able to provide a circular economy, creating a value chain where food is sustainably grown locally, providing people and businesses access to fresh, high end produce. Eliminating food wastage through efficient growing and harvesting, lessen the food miles that significantly lower carbon emission and logistics expenses of businesses.



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