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About the Solution

FACTS: Fruits, vegetables, and Florals, will deteriorate within seven days at 20°C.

 VENTUFRIDGE, a new paradigm in storage system. Extend farm crop shelf life beyond 20 days without refrigeration and preservative chemicals. Controlled perforations naturally regulate the ambient temperature, vapor pressure gradient, and effectively reduce the ethylene gas inside the container. Significant positioning of the multi-perforate septums created constant pressure difference by the Coriolis effect.

Benefits of Ventufridge to the end user: less expenses and frequency going to and fro the market. Less crop damage to farmers and households. Minimal shrinkage and undistinguishable discoloration. Eliminate middleman that contribute to high market price. Ease traffic congestion in the market place. Indirectly reduce fuel/energy consumption. Can preserved estimated crops to 1,170,737.88 MT (see Section A, page 5).

Made of durable HDPE material. Bisphenol A free. With anti-pathogens. Reusable for a lifetime Five gallons capacity. Square, stackable to maximize storage. Suggested volume 5-10 gallons capacity. Suggested colors are blue and red due to its effect on chlorophyll.. Cleanable by tap water only. Invented 2005.


1.      Coanda and Coriolis Effect

2.      Law of diffusion of gases



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