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ESS for the house which is not only the storage system but the smart device with unique software which undertakes control over energy consumption of the house and exempts human from wasting time on consumption calculation and prediction.

VOLTS is checking 24/7 the information about the grid status in the region it is installed, scrutinizes it basing on bulk electricity providers announcements and the statistics VOLTS gathered before and from the perspective of all the information it checked VOLTS will allow customer to choose the most safe and convenient for him scenario of energy consumption. VOLTS will store energy to protect house for projected grid shutdown and to keep customer in comfort when his neighbors will suffer lack of electricity. When the electricity tariffs will be too high VOLTS will use stored before energy from PV pannels (because VOLTS knew about tariff changes). VOLTS will analyse periods when customer consumes a lot of energy and optimize all energy consuming processes preventing customer from excessive energy use. Scenarios and behaviors are myriad.

VOLTS is easily connecteted to any PV pannel

VOLTS can charge electromobile

VOLTS can use electromobile as an additional capacity module if installed capacity is not enouth for some reasons

VOLTS has modular capacity system (2-12 kWh, 2 kWh each module, from 1 module to 6 in one case)

Plug-n-Play system for adding extra capacity module

Instant switching system in case of breakdowns

Smart BMS (Battery Management System)

Unique algorithms of VOLTS management system drastically reduce electricity bills

Online monitoring of every system component for professional customer service and support

Integration into any smart-home ecosystem (based on home-kit open platform)



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