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ZAKKI ( is an online platform (website and mobile application) based organization that focus to helps elderly and people with disability get better livelihoods in order to build inclusive community in Indonesia. ZAKKI is facilitating alms and donations collection and deployment to help elderly and people with disability who working in the informal sector to get better livelihood through micro-business management assistance and giving them exposure to the greater market.

For stage 1, we will collect alms and donations in form of money and goods. Advancement in stage 2, we will develop garbage donations scheme using IOT as wearable IOT for elderly and garbage ATM's. By stage 3 the programs advanced to helps people gain better healthcare through cutting-edge technology, virtually augmented reality physiotherapy, implemented holistic and permaculture ways, in related to handle advancement of stage 4 which is to develop an integrated-inclusive city. Furthermore, in stage 3, we will build cryptocurrency system under brand Merit Coins. Which is opening ability to donate using cryptocurrency such as bitcoins, litecoins, etc.

For the profit ZAKKI will launch MAHA brand (MAHA by ZAKKI). MAHA acts as ZAKKI source of profit business that will execute:

1.     Co-housing for elderly

2.     Co-housing membership

3.     Co-ownership vehicle

4.     Funeral service’s

Building online platform for alms and money donation, listing and gather volunteer. Affiliate with NGO, local government, mosque, & same mission organization then partnership with company CSR programs


The organization based on voluntary membership. The listing of beneficiary derived from people (volunteer) by people (volunteer) and toward people (person in needs). One volunteer will report the potential beneficiary onto website or mobile application. Then there will be other two volunteer who make verification on field by interviewing directly the listed potential beneficiary and gather administration data such as ID card, family card, Indonesia healthy card, etc. Once the potential beneficiary has completed and indeed needed helps. Whether it is basic need such as groceries, mattress, etc and also small business helps. The organization deploy fund for three volunteer to make needful actions and one volunteer to supervise the deployment. After beneficiary received their helps, one volunteer required to monitor the progress by weekly bases for eight weeks subsequently. When the beneficiary considered already independent managing their small business, one volunteer could monitor on monthly bases for ten month follows.


Verified beneficiary will get 2 terms of deployment helps;

- Elderly-marginal people;

(1). Basic life: groceries, mattress, basic renovation of house part

(2). Micro sustain business that vary depend on beneficiary need or creativity.


(1). Basic life tools; hearing aid, wheel chair, prosthetic legs, etc

(2). Sustaining life: practical/skill training for job requirement then help them to get job


Volunteer recruitment will be initiate from student university organization to public volunteer. The volunteer will be received volunteer card and received training for them to understand the process of listing, verification, until monitoring the beneficiary. Volunteer will receive small entitlement advantages through the development of Zakat Kasih will make MoU with private company to gave them nominate discount.


Alms and donation will be collected and reported financial statement monthly and annually through the website. And the organization strongly open about public auditor. People who pay their alms (zakat, infaq, sadaqoh) and or donation received beneficent card. The beneficent card will be giving them some advantages that through the development of Zakat Kasih will make MoU with private company to gave them nominate discount.



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