Zamgoat: Alleviating rural poverty through goat commercialization

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About 60% of Zambia's 18 million plus population is rural based, with the majority of the rural population(over 80%) living on smallholder farming albeit challenged with lack of access to sustainable markets for most of their produce. Despite the growing global demand for goat meat and related products, Zambia like most other developing nations has also been historically characterized with theinformality and ineffective commercialization of the goat value chain, hence undermining the economic and climate resilience of rural communities, largely smallholder farmers.Consequently, Zambia has a high rural poverty rate of around 80% (Central Statistics Office, 2015).

To address the above challenge, a mission-driven company calledZamgoat was founded in 2012. Zamgoat is a dedicated and innovative agribusiness pioneering the effective commercialization of the goat value chain, unlocking its social and economic value especially among smallholder farmers. Zamgoat primarily does this through value addition and improved distribution of goat meat and related products, thereby creating a sustainable market opportunity for goats, enhancing the economic and climate resilience of smallholder farmers.

To accelerate the transformation of this historically under-developed agricultural value chain, Zamgoat is at scale designed to take a holistic industry development approach by operating and pursuing growth across the goat value chain through vertically diversified operations including in goat meat processing and distribution(our parent focus being implemented through Zamgoat Meat Products), disrupting the distribution channels and consumer patterns of goat meat through the provision of ready-to-eat food services(recently launched through Zamgoat Xpress), strategic information services to the industry particularly aimed at enhancing productivity among smallholder farmers(currently under pilot through Zamgoat Information Services), provision of breeding genetics and services to smallholder farmers(through Zamgoat Farms), as well as later other operations in goat milk and leather products.



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