Globally, we currently consume over 11 billion tonnes of oil in fossil fuels every year and according to the United States CIA research, crude oil reserves are rapidly depleting at a rate of 4 billion tonnes a year. Experts predict that our known oil deposits will last until 2052 and it is therefore critical that we find alternative sources of energy or find innovative ways of generating power.

To do so, we need to embrace new technologies that deliver alternative sources of energy. Progress is being made, for example, in Europe in 2017, renewable energy sources made up nearly nine-tenths of new power added to Europe’s grids. However, we need to do more to drive innovation in renewable energy in order to cover the deficit that the oil running out will create. Here are ten companies doing just that – creating power where we need it most:

1.    'Wave carpet' created by a team at the University of Berkeley have come up with a simple, yet highly effective idea for tapping into wave power. A seabed 'carpet' undulates in unison with waves, generating hydraulic pressure which is piped and turned into electricity. The team believe that the potential of this solution is vast, in that harnessing the power of the ocean in this way could provide for over half of America's energy needs.

2.    Practical Action has 104 projects in developing countries around the world and in 2018 it claims to have helped 2.8million people living in poverty to improve their lives through knowledge and skills related to renewable energy. From building sustainable agriculture to developing urban water supplies and managing waste, the organisation aims to bring technological solutions to developing countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, India, Zimbabwe, and Sudan.

3.    d.light  is a for-profit social enterprise that is aiming to “empower the lives” of 50 million people by 2015 and 100 million people by 2020. It both manufactures and distributes solar lighting and solar power products to people in 62 countries throughout the developing world who don’t have access to reliable power. Founded in 2004, it now services 12,000 retail outlets and has 10 field offices and 5 regional hubs. It employs over 300 people directly, and hundreds more indirectly.

4.    Mainstream Renewable Power is an independent global energy developer that delivers large-scale wind and solar power to the world’s emerging economies. They provide end to end development services from consent to construction to operation across the world.

5.    Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha delivers solar power to poor communities in Bangladeshi, in a truly unique way. It operates 54 floating schools, libraries, health clinics, and training centres powered by solar panels that use wireless internet. It currently serves approximately 100,000 people in flood-prone areas of Bangladesh.

6.    Abellon Clean Energy  provides sustainable bioenergy technologies to people in India, Ghana, parts of Europe, and parts of North America. It contributes to clear energy generation through bio energy in the form of bio fuels. They aim to increase energy access in a sustainable manner to those that need it the most. In doing so, they are helping create economic growth and pull communities from poverty into the mainstream economy.

7.    Azuri is also bringing clean solar energy to off-grid customers in less developed economies. Its unique model lets people pay for solar power slowly over time using mobile phone scratch cards. Delivering affordable solar home systems to 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the company has impacted over 750,000 lives.

8.    Good Return connects renewable energy product suppliers, distributors, and customers in the Philippines, Nepal, Timor Leste, Tonga, Fiji, Indonesia, and Cambodia. It brings in micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and facilitates access to renewable energy resources like solar power, biogas, wind power, micro hydro, as well as to energy efficient products, such as fuel-efficient stoves.

9.    Pollinate Energy serves the urban poor of India. It provides local entrepreneurs with a “business in a bag” solution that includes training, smart phones, data management, stock loans, market research, products, service support, and a transportation allowance. This allows the entrepreneurs to go into their local communities and drive the delivery of renewable energy to families who would otherwise be without.

10.    Based in Togo, Mono Eco Green Energy sells and installs solar panel systems, solar lights, solar hot water heaters, solar air conditioning, solar water pumps, solar chargers, solar-powered refrigerators, solar-powered fans, electric scooters and more.

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