Affordable Solar Home System for Indonesia

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Summary of the Initiative

The project’s primary initiative is to give access to affordable and sustainable energy for remote communities and low-income households in Ueesi district, South-East Sulawesi, Indonesia by providing soft loan for Solar Home System pack which can be repaid using agriculture crops like cacao, rice, clove, copra and pepper. Collaborate with local government, schools, institutions and other CSOs to improve renewable energy access and awareness. Provide training to local communities to become technicians for installation, services and administration.

This project will increase access to and the affordability of renewable energy in remote areas contribute to Indonesia target of having a 23 percent renewable energy mix by 2030. Counting 45% of the rural population in Indonesia, which is around 118 million people, just by targeting 10% of it, 11,8 million people as a target market in the next 10 years. In two years, we aim to distribute Solar Home System (SHS) to 7000 households in Ueesi district and 20,000 households in Kolaka Timur regency by 2023. The project applicable in the other district which will increase the chance of used renewable energy using the same system.



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