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The lack of access to cheap affordable and renewable energy will be solved by a community biogas which produces biogas. AWES will invest in the community biodigester and run a business with a group of women that will sell the by products of the biodigester -biogas and organic fertilizer. The business will be run together for 2 years  during which they will share revenue produced by the business. After 2 years AWES will exit the business and leave the group of women to continue the business. AWES will go  and invest in another community.

The community biodigester is fed with cow dung purchased from the community and mixed with water mixed with water from a communal water source and they biodigester will produce  biogas and organic fertilizer which are both sold in the community as part of the business. Cow dung is used because of its abundance in rural Africa. Biogas is not a new technology. What is unique in this solution is that whether you have a cow or not that can produce cow dung and a water source or not you will have access to biogas if you live in this community. Biogas can be used for lighting, cooking, heating and even drying agriculture produce. It is a source of energy that is safe for the environment and will reduce the cutting down of trees. In addition, biogas is an affordable source of energy for rural African citizens compared to solar and wind which are beyond the reach of many people in these communities.



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