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One Health Success Based on Agricultural Production of Pharmaceuticals

Today online, shoppers can order a pair of shoes, creating their own design, selecting style, color, clasps, laces, orthotics, etc., and then order a custom product that is manufactured and shipped to them. What if we could do this with biopharmaceutical drugs? Insulin? anti-cancer vaccines? Diagnostics? Integrating gene-based biotechnologies with the means to produce them rapidly, safely and specifically when needed will be an important utility in future urban societies. The technology for building such a system exists today and our ultimate business goal is to build such "personalized" systems for use as part of a sustainable healthcare system at regional level, city level, hospital level or even in the home.

At the same time, global threats of pandemic and bioterrorism is seeking the capability to: (i) identify emerging pathogens and other biological threats (ii) rapidly develop countermeasures and deploy them at large scale in response, and (iii) sustain a state of preparedness to respond at an affordable cost.

We believe a single platform that we have developed can serve BOTH these needs. The AdCEV(TM)/Egg platform technology we have developed is currently the best solution to both these problems because it is rapid, can be used in high-throughput mode, is linearly scaleable to any production level from a single dose to hundreds of millions of doses and is safe to employ.

We propose to build small-scale, franchiseable vertically integrated manufacturing facilities that can be networked with surveillance and distribution to create a responsive system for biologics production on a local and regional level. The facilities will be flexible and able to make on-demand biopharmaceutical products using genetic information from our own individual genomes or mass vaccine production in response to pandemic threats.

We are interested in “AGRIPHARM” concepts realised as small and medium scale turn-key production facilities for developing countries or regional applications.Avril’s unique approach focuses on increasing the quantity and range of vaccines and bio-products that can be produced in egg-based manufacturing systems so as to:

  • Increase production in existing facilities with little or no alterations to existing infrastructure.

  • Construct new small scale AgriPharm™s to expand global manufacturing capacity for vaccines, etc. in different regions, reducing per-patient retail costs to affordable levels, and reducing the global biosecurity risk posed by large-scale operations concentrated in just a few countries.

  • AdCEV™-based AgriPharm™s could be used to produce a wide range of other high value biotechnology products when not being used for low-cost vaccines, ensuring sustainability and improving return on investment in multi-product franchise businesses.

Our proposal seeks funding to continue our efforts to vertically integrate this “platform” using AI bioinformatics, recombinant gene technologies and single-use just-in-time manufacturing in hen eggs.

We will develop and sell AgriPharm™ facilities consisting of high-quality egg-based production integrated with GMP clinical manufacturing. Using one of these turn-key facilities, high-value recombinant products could be manufactured almost anywhere there is access to water and electricity. Our business would provide a global support and supply network allowingAgriPharm™ franchises to provide a local cornerstone in the fight against global health challenges and emerging diseases while also providing local employment and human capacity development for healthcare.

A franchise approach offers:-

  • leverage of local investment

  • international standardization of quality

  • shared business development

  • efficient technology transfer & human capacity development

Aa a POC, we have developed candidate influenza andrabies vaccine antigens and seek funding to produce vaccine antigens for HPV, dengue, malaria, ebola, chikungunya, MERS and others infectious diseases for whichrecombinant subunit antigena are known to be effective. We are also developing insulin production in eggs.



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