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We are team of AL Technologies LLC – people caring for global problems of mankind and nature. That's why we are developing the aluminum-air power sources.


Environmentally friendly aluminum-air power sources are the fuel cells, which use solid aluminum (in plates), oxygen from the air and water from electrolyte to generate electricity. The chemical reaction takes place between aluminum and electrolyte inside the cells. Such power sources don’t need power grid to recharge because they are mechanically rechargeable batteries and can be recharged fast through mechanical replacement of the fuel: reaction products (aluminum hydroxide) are to be removed and new aluminum plates and water tanks are to be installed. Aluminum in solid state is safe, nonflammable and energy-intensive fuel. After the fuel is consumed, aluminum hydroxide appears as a reaction product. It is an ordinary natural clay widely distributed in the environment. What’s more it is renewable: aluminum hydroxide can be recycled into initial aluminum again.


There are countless problems of power supply humankind have to face and our power sources can:

  • Provide clean energy to houses, villages and settlings which are remote from grids and have no access to any reliable power source. In this case they can be used both as main power source and as backup (reserve) source in parallel with solar-wind systems (for example, in case of bad weather and the solar-wind systems cannot function).
  • Provide energy in cases of power outage (blackout) or emergency cases. In cases when the main source (even central power grid) is not operating.
  • Provide reliable and stable energy where and when solar panels or wind turbines are not operating (bad weather conditions or day/night time).
  • Reduce air pollution and CO2 emission: our power sources produce zero exhaust and CO2 emission.
  • Avoid explosion and fire danger of diesel fuel and gasoline: aluminum is not flammable and not explosive, it is environmentally friendly (during entire life cycle).
  • Avoid usage of polluting and non-renewable fuel: reaction product is a natural clay (aluminum hydroxide) and it can be recycled into initial aluminum via electrolysis.

Along with the advantages mentioned above, our sources have:

  • No toxic materials inside (safe for recycling)
  • Mechanical fuel recharging: the power source is recharged without power grid by aluminum, water and electrolyte (powder)
  • Full autonomy from the power grid High energy density: up 500 W·h/kg Source of electrical and heat: works at a wide range of temperatures (-40С to +60С)
  • Long-term storage without: maintenance, losses of energy, characteristic deterioration and special storage conditions (any temperatures): 25 years and more


Our company has already gathered a lot of know-how about the aluminum-air fuel cells’ technology during the past years of R&D. We have already created several prototypes and carried out a lot of tests and experiments. The technology confirmed to be safe, reliable, quite simple and user-friendly but we still have a lot of ideas and plans to make it even better and more comfortable.

Today we continue to improve our technology and interact with potential users to better understand their needs. To this end, we participate in various exhibitions and events dedicated to energy and innovative technologies. And we are literally developing our power sources from the drawings till the implementation in material.

Our company goal is to make a significant contribution to the safe energy supplying. We are convinced that every inhabitant of our beautiful planet should have a reliable source of available, affordable and clean energy. We are developing our solutions to provide people with freedom to act regardless of power grids, anywhere in the world, freedom to choose comfortable present and clean future.



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