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Alun Wave Power Converter:

Our world is dying due to an abused usage of natural resources, we cut trees for paper, we mine mountains to build our houses, electricity and bling ourselves and the most important the fossil fuels which is the source of all energies. Before it ends we should think about it.

Now is the time, here is the Game Changer!!!

The Alun Wave Power Converter design to help restore our healthy environment.

It is a simple yet powerful machine designed to resolve the dying supply of our fossil fuel. We need an alternative permanent solution to save our power supply. I believe that the Alun Wave Power Converter is one of the answer to resolve our environment problem.

The machine is design to the communities with limited access to the electricity which is located at the coastal or riverside with active flowing of waters.This machine can be installed (permanent or temporary)wherever is needed. It is using waves or flowing water to generate electricity, low production cost and environment friendly, because it is using renewable energy.

  • Alun Wave Power Converter is compose of the following;
    • Wave Turbine with Fan Blades
    • Floating Vessels or Barge
    • Generator with Pulley or Belt
    • Steel Frame with Four Vertical Columns and Strong Base.
  • The wave turbine is placed on top of floating vessels with hole enough for the column to be placed inside.
  • The machine is placed against the waves so that every surf waves catch by the turbinewill generate electricity.
  • A floating vessels are automatically adjust by itself base on the levels of water, in this case even though low or high tide it can catch waves. So all the waves that goes to the wave turbine will generate power and transfer to generator which is located on top of the Alun Wave Power Converter.
  • To stabilize the position of the said machine we added vertical columns that sit on composite base.
  • It can be installed in Coastal areas where constant and strong waves are available.
  • It uses waves on generating electricity which is a renewable energy and environment friendly and help address the climate change.
  • Alun Wave Power Converter is a game changer machine which is more powerful than wind and solar energy converter.

"I believe it will have huge impact to our environment."



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