Artificial Intelligence Against Air Pollution

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Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health threat of our time, killing 7 million people and costing the world economy 5 trillion USD per year. Data-driven decision making remains unfeasible as sensing equipment is expensive, stakeholders lack necessary knowledge to analyse the data and suitable interventions are unknown.

Air quality data only comes from a sparse number of measurement stations and is often not relevant for citizens, as the next station is often far away from the places that matter to them, like their home or work. Data is also often not available in real time and public data are hard to use and offer little context on data interpretation.

Breeze Technologies delivers hyperlocal comprehensive and accurate air quality data from public and private data sources and low-cost sensors, as well as insights based on recent scientific studies and actionable recommendations from a growing, self-learning catalogue of more than 3.500 interventions. The data is integrable into smart city infrastructures and can be used for real-time traffic management, urban planning, property management and numerous other use cases.

Breeze's additional air quality citizen platform enables citizens to inform themselves about air quality in their neighbourhood and promotes more sustainable mobility and consumption behaviour.

Breeze Technologies was founded in 2015 and has been recognised as one of the most promising European startups by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Breeze's founders have been listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 and received numerous awards, including from the German Federal President.



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