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According to the UN forecast, in 2025 there will be 5.3 billion people facing severe water scarcity and 1.8 billion people facing absolute water scarcity. Within this few year, we need to have a solution that can be implemented globally to provide safety drinking water.

Because of the nature and seriousness of the disaster, the solution need to meet a number of criteria, including but not limited to:

  • It should not relies on water source because of the source of the disaster and should not generate additional water waste which would further exacerbate the problem.
  • It needs to be highly compact and efficient because of the the large population of people under disaster. Disaster regions with high population are likely to be more severe. Large and complex solutions that require a lot of spaces and resources are not desired because of the limited time and resources to implement the solution globally.
  • It needs to be relatively portable because it would be required to implement in remote and lagging behind locations, which would not have good transportation or facilities. The solution should able to be implemented close to the disaster locations and ideally can be implemented distributively to help smaller group of victims to minimize the infrastructure requirements.
  • It needs to be a standalone solution that should not relies on external energy and resources requirements because many of the severe disaster areas would be in remote and lagging regions, where even do not have electricity.


Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group (HSDHG) has created the world's first multi-scale and multi-purpose atmospheric water generator, designed to extract water from humid ambient air and efficiently convert it into safe drinking water, not subject to geographical restriction nor power source. It is a brand-new technology with more than 100 international patents.

The Atmospheric Water Generator is highly scaleable from a household/office appliances that generate 12-33 liters per day to large scale modules which generate 60-5000 liters per day. The large modules can be stacked to build large water plants. It is a fully multi-purpose solution that can be used in home/office, military, agricultural and industrial implementations.

Its extremely low power consumption enable it to be efficiently powered by solar and other renewable energy. It purifies the air during water generation and does not required water source and will not produce waste water nor any form of polution.

It is a highly portable solution that can be transported by ships, trains, trucks and even helicopters. Because it’s independent of water sources and not much depending on energy sources, it can be transported and installed in remote locations, islands or disaster locations without requiring complicated infrastructure setup, which would be an ideal solution for emergency water requirements.

It's extremely low power consumption which can be powered by solar and other renewable energy. It purifies the air during water generation and does not required water source and will not produce waste water. It's a solution that can generate water anywhere in the world including desert. We were recognized by CCTV as "The 5th Invention of China" and "5th revolution of drinking water".

HSDHG is an Official Partner & International Steering Committee Member of UN High-Level International Conference on International Water Decade for Action 2018-2028, and Official Partner & Founding Steering Committee Member of UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on Environment.

It is a global solution that align with our corporate mission: "Wherever there is Air, there will be healthy drinking water!"


Sewage Treatments are normally used to purify polluted water sources and to recycle living sewage into clean water. However, it requires a lot of land, huge investment on infrastructure and more maintenance than a regular sewerage system. It’s not sustainable because of limited water sources.

Desalination often used in locations close to the seashores. However, it requires huge investment on facilities and infrastructure and can only be used in seashore locations. It also generates huge amount of waste water which would contaminate the environment. Desalinated water is also advised not suitable for continuous drinking and only suitable to be used as living water.

Our Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology can efficiently extract water from air with minimal energy consumption. Only 1% of the 500,000 cubic kilometers of water vaporized to the Atmosphere every year has been used globally. The AWG technology is to be implemented to utilize very small part of those 99% unused water from the atmosphere and hence be totally sustainable. Small water plants can be distributive implemented in small community or even within buildings to minimize infrastructure costs. Household versions of the AWG machines can be implemented at home, office or public facilities flexibly and effectively. The small module-cluster water generated from AWG is good for drinking.

AWG can be implemented in remote and backward locations, and even in deserts without requiring on external infrastructure. It is good for agriculture uses because of the distributed setup and do not generate water wastage.


We have won 30+ international and national awards including but not limited to:

2018 Top 7 Awards for "BRIDGE for Cities" Business Plan Competition by UNIDO;

Selected Brand, Selected Brand of Technology and Benchmark Brand of Innovation and Technology by China Corporate United Pavilion of EXPO Milano 2015;

Environmental Technology Brand Gold Award, Innovation and Technology Product Award, Official Appointed Drinking Water by World 9-Ball Championship Qatar 2016;

2018 Global Chinese Business
The Most Influential Leader Enterprise by Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Fellowship Organizing Committee;

2018 Chinese Independent Brand
Top 10 Innovative Enterprise Award, China Industry Leading Brand Award by Boao Enterprise Forum;

Technology Innovation Brand Award 2016, Technology Innovative Invention Award 2016, Technology Innovation Pioneer Award by 13th China Scientist Forum;

2017 Top 10 Hong Kong Brand Award of 100% Hong Kong Branding Award;

2017 National Business Quality Award, 2017 National Business Quality Branding Demonstration Enterprise by 40+ Ministries, Government Departments and Government administrated Associations;

Top-10 Most Competitive Integrity Brand Award, Top-10 Innovative Enterprise Award in the 12th Credit China Annual Ceremony and China Corporate Integrity & Competitiveness Forum 2016;

The Best Innovative Product Award of China Smart City Development Forum;

2015-2016 The Most Influential Innovative Enterprise Award in the 14th China International Software & information Service Fair; etc



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