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To effectively tackle hunger and poverty we have to do 2 things: 1. Increase food production to meet local demand 2. reduce cost of food production to reduce cost of food in the open market. To achieve this Beat Drone is implementing drones on the farm to reduces cost of production and increase harvest yield, prior to using drone technology, farmers in Nigeria relied heavily on traditional means of farming; this resulted poor harvest yield, death of 50% of their crops and high cost of production, the farmers weren't able to meet the local food demand and their production cost was high compared with imported foods, even tho this imported foods weren't affordable either. The introduction of drones in farming processes such as: - Farm Mapping - Crop Counting - Health assessment - Precision spraying of chemicals Drone technology in these processes has increased harvest yields and lowered cost of food production, the drones now inform the farmer of his/her crops individual health status and the location of every single crops that needs immediate assistance, the drones will also count the crops and provide projected harvest output for harvest period, while engaging in precision spraying of chemicals to kill pests, weeds and apply liquid fertilisers. The drone technology has been able to increase harvest yield by 90%, while reducing cost of production by 60%, this way the farmers will make more money, spend less, which will translate to increased profit and lesser food prices, they will be able to have increase Purchasing Power, while meeting local food demand at a very affordable price. At Beat Drone, we see ourselves as a mechanism that makes food Available, Affordable and accessible. A use case is simple, a farmer calls us for health assessment, we schedule an operation date, we arrive at the farm engage in the health assessment and provide the data on the spot; same process applies for all processes.



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