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Malawi is currently facing increase in deforestation and forest degradation and this has resulted in reduction of carbon stocks( trees to capture carbon) hence increase in emissions of GHG-I(Green House Gases Inventory) which is potent to climate change.There is also increase in waste generation and poor methods of managing these due to population boom.Malawi needs the sustainable way to manage waste to avoid these waste decomposing in open landfills which is a health hazard and the decomposing of these waste generate biogas which is a mixture of mostly methane and carbon dioxide which are both greenhouse gases.

The solution is create biogas from waste mostly sewage sludge, cow dung , landfill organic waste and vinasse( ethanol distillery effluent). Clean Energy will use Anaerobic Digestion to create the biogas and separate the methane and burn it reciprocating engines to create electricity which will be fed to the grid or mini-grid. The carbon will sold to other commercial users and apply for carbon credits. The byproduct is organic fertilizer which will be sent to rural farmers to be used in the farms and less harmful than other fertilizers.

The solution will be sustainable to the production of electricity from waste. Waste is cheaper fuel than fossil fuels which create greenhouse gases. The most important is that these projects or solution has a potential of being replicated and provide sustainable way of managing waste. The trapping of these gases by anaerobic digestion will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases which escape to atmosphere hence the projects has potential of creating value by providing renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gases emissions. Clean Energy will convert 200 tonnes per day of cow dung to produce 2MW of electricity.500 tonnes of sewage sludge per day to produce 5MW of electricity and 300 tonnes of vinasse to produce 2MW of electricity. Clean Energy will divert 200 tonnes each day of municipal organic waste to balance with the above feedstock.



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