Biosorption for water remediation

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As rapid urbanization is on the rise, the need for clean water sources is imperative; not only to provide an aesthetic environment but also to prevent communicable diseases and toxic heavy metal contaminations. Our project aims at the clean-up of polluted water bodies by a green process called Biosorption. We have employed this technique for remediation of simulated radioactive wastewaters, which gave us excellent results. We are now looking forward to apply this technique for combating metallic pollutants in water bodies like lakes and rivers.

We intend to analyze the water samples by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) in order to obtain their elemental compositions and accordingly employ our biosorbents to it. The sorbent we currently use sequesters metallic ions from simulated effluents and is a low cost eco-friendly alternative for water treatment.

Biosorption is a benign technique and literature studies reveal that several kitchen waste items can be chemically modified and used as sorbents. Depending on the composition of the selected water body, we plan to use any low cost or freely available sorbent with a high adsorption capacity.



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