Bluerise: Harnessing the Ocean's Power

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The ocean covers 70% of the planet. It’s our biggest natural solar collector. The surface collects and stores vast amounts of heat from the sun, but at the same time, the deep ocean is very cold. Did you know this temperature difference in the ocean is a giant source of sustainable energy, sort of like a big battery? Bluerise is tapping into this battery!
Bluerise aims to provide sustainable electricity and cooling where it’s needed most: in the tropics! In this part of the world more than a billion people live close to the coast. And more than half of the expensive and unsustainable electricity is used for air-conditioning.
By pumping ice-cold water from 1000 meter depth, we can cool buildings. Think of large buildings like hotels, data centers, airports, but also greenhouses. This is 10 times more efficient than regular air-conditioning. It saves 90% of the energy used for cooling translating into cost savings that can go up to more than 60%. The first project in the Caribbean will save as much energy as 1000 households use. It will be a global showcase and will open-up the market for many more and larger scale projects.
Ocean Thermal Energy is available year-round, day and night, making a perfect source of base-load power. We can produce electricity using the temperature difference between the surface and the deep ocean by means of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology. We have built and tested demonstration systems together with Delft University of Technology, our innovation has been validated and globally recognized and is now ready to be scaled up. Over 100 countries have access to the ocean energy resource, ensuring that it will be an important part of our renewable energy future.
We have set up offices in The Netherlands and in the Caribbean and built a team of passionate people with the right technical expertise and entrepreneurial experience.



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