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They’re two things we cannot denied :

  • Waste and water management is an growing issues in cities all around the world and the population is growing dramatically.
  • By 2050, is excepted that 80% of the world’s population will be living in the Urban Cities.

If we have trouble managing waste and water today, how are we going to manage them in the future?

Keep doing the same is not sustainable!

Cities need innovative solutions!

Our Company, BLUECLOUD, developing and using two core main technologies :

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Hardware (devices)
  • Intelligent Operations Center – Software for monitoring data collected

These two technologies are using smart sensors to manage Waste collection and Water Level in water tank.

Waste collection Management

We’ve developed a small cost effective device that measures a real time fill levels of waste bins.

We’re using Smart Blue technology to allow building, household, smart Cities, and Condominium society to keep a larger of their waste life cycle from pickup to land field. They can view a temple proof lager to understand their waste and collected data.

  • Waste collection management process
  • Data Analytics (support data-driven decision making)
  • Route Planning & Optimization (toplan individual collection routes in advancebased on fill-level data from bin sensors)
  • Real time monitoring of waste and trucks, viewable from any device.

Our customers : City of Paris.

Water tank Management

With the advent of the Internet of Things, our key contribution is a low cost ultrasonic sensor that can measure the water level of water in Tanks, In various overhead tanks and ground reservoirs across the remote locations.

  • Water tank management process

Our solution named “Intelligent Water level controller” is necessary to reduce the man power and increase the uses of instrument.

We’ve actually customers in France, India and Africa.


Our add value is just to implement a real world strategy that, municipalities, waste collection companies, household and condominium societies, are needing today to manage well their solid waste and water tanks, by using intelligent sensors and monitoring systems.

BlueCloud is proud to have set the standard for smart intelligent waste and water management.

It's our passion to make every city smarter, more efficient, cleaner and greener!

Thank you very much !



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