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According to World Bank and United Nations, in 2016, there are about a billion, or 13% of the global population, which mainly reside in rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, living without access to electricity. Even though the number is believed to drop to 674 million by the year 2030, it still means around 8% of the total global population have to live in darkness. Technologies like small-scale power generators or mini/microgrids have been utilised for many years across continents to address this electricity shortage, but factors like financial, logistical and regulatory obstacles, environmental damages and implementation scandals have significantly restricted its potential to uplifting rural population’s livelihood.

To address this burning energy demand in a sustainable and reliable way while together to positively impact the rural communities, we, Enerlifi, are here to offer a comprehensive solution to bring not only reliable source of electricity but also internet connection to the rural population. Other than the infrastructure deployments, we also provide a embedded software solution to enable monitoring and evaluation of PV Grids performance and a seamless payment solution to buy electricity on-demand using SMS.

Our primary target is small to medium size rural villages in Asia. Based on our current capacities, our project can provide electricity and internet services for up to 500 households in any rural communities. The electricity generated from our solar microgrid helps to light up the household and streets in the village. Our project emphases on local community engagement, which encourage the locals to take charge of the installation and maintenance of the infrastructure. We will provide free training to the locals to oversee the daily operation of the solar microgrid and LiFi system. Together, we can make our world more inclusive by empowering the rural population with two basic rights of modern life, access to electricity and internet.



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