City autonomous payment & interaction infrastructure

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Oveit is offering the infrastructure to sustainable cities to be offered to their constituents in order to create their own city system for operating, paying and interacting with a various number of city services, such as: local transportation, access to city attractions and cultural venues, city administration offices, city’s vendors, manufactures and service providers.

In other words, we improve the citizens’ lives by offering an innovative tech for identification, access and payment infrastructure working both online and offline for a fully sustainable, autonomous city ecosystem. The entire range of services, transactions and interactions are kept within the city’s ecosystem.

Our technology uses a mix of online and offline technologies, through data analytics in the cloud, access control and transaction management through mobile apps and NFC/RFID tags, a private blockchain peer-to-peer mesh network for identification and validation, and last but not least, artificial intelligence face recognition algorithms.

In order to operate, compared to any other solution, we are using only mobile apps, NFC/RFID tags and/or, as a total novelty, face recognition algorithms. This latest addition to our services opens an entire new spectrum of possibilities: face recognition algorithms for cardless/cashless payments, diseases control, violence monitoring etc.

We have started our journey for access control, payments and audience engagement in micro-economies such as the events and venues industry, but now we have transcended our tech into smart-cities, confined communities, and unbankable places such as emerging economies. We believe that by building our technology and offering it to those who need it, we can provide a better way to solve financial and social interaction needs and disseminate valuable intelligence across the world.



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