CityTaps: Affordable Water Access for All

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Affordable running water at home is the foundation of a sustainable and equitable city.

However, nearly 1 billion urban dwellers lack access to piped water at home & face a triple tax on poverty: in health, time, & money. The burden of fetching water most often falls on, and disproportionately affects, women and girls.

To solve this global issue, CityTaps develops CTSuite: the world’s only operational smart and prepaid water meter (CTMeter) & an integrated software management system (CTCloud) that processes pay-as-you-go payments through mobile money.

With CTSuite, subscribers enjoy running water at home and use mobile money to add credit to their “water balance”
for any amount, at any time, with any phone
automatically opening water access at the CTMeter.

CTMeters connect to the Internet & transfer data in near real-time so that utilities can save on OPEX and detect leaks to reduce water losses, improving their environmental footprint and the management of precious water resources.



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