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Around the world there are almost 3 billion people who cook with charcoal and wood over an open fire every day.  Aside from the obvious physical risk of an exposed heat source there is also a great health risk due to breathing in smoke and air pollutants.  High exposure to air pollution is the number one cause of disease in the developing world, even before malaria, HIV/AIDS and intestinal diseases.[1]  Furthermore, charcoal and wood can be expensive to buy or time consuming to collect.  This does not even begin to take into account the impacts of deforestation and land erosion that are the result of harvesting trees from the land without practical replanting efforts.

We are proud to have developed Clean Cook, a solar energy powered stove, in order to address the need for a sustainable cooking solution across the world.  Clean Cook empowers individuals to move away from using unsafe, unhealthy and unsustainable sources of fuel in an affordable and accessible way through the use of pay-as-you go technology.  By using a Clean Cook stove people can reduce their exposure to pollutants, save money, save time and prevent negative environmental impacts.  Time and money once used for cooking fuel can be redirected to other activities including earning income or education.   Clean Cook can be used in virtually any context, urban or rural, and its battery storage allows it to be operational even during hours without sun exposure.  Clean Cook can revolutionize the way over 3 billion people live and help improve the environment by drawing on the sustainable, stable and equitable resources of the sun.

[1] Solar Cookers International, 2015



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