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Nowadays global warming is the main problem faced worldwide due to the soaring temperatures worldwide. The soaring temperatures is posing a major threat to the countries in the world which have a large coastal area and the major cities of the world lying close to the seas and oceans which are in the verge of getting submerges into the oceans and seas due to the rising water levels in the oceans due to the melting of polar ice and also the areas experiencing continental climate are about to face a large water crisis as the climate is constantly changing worldwide due to the global warming. The global warming is due to the increased emissions and burning of fuels for power generation and other demands of the society everywhere. The gases released are containing energy which is stored in them in the form of their internal energy and this internal energy gets released when the molecules of air collides with each other in the form of heat and if the temperature of the emitted gases is above the normal temperature, it shows that the gas molecules are excited and more vibrations or randomness is induced in them. Thus the heat energy in them increases the vibrations in the gases. So by reducing the vibrations in the molecules of air, we can reduce the global warming.



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