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The INVXT agro investments is a social enterprise focused on the development of rural agricultural communities with a view to implementing integrated development strategies to attend and support the generation of wealth, boosting the development and adoption of technological and research packages.

Assisting the production of improved seeds and other agricultural inputs to the local community: In order to ensure the integrated development of the Community, quality production is required, introduction of genuine products for both human and animal consumption. In addition to providing seeds, in partnership with IITA, through the SEMEAR program, about 160 families of growers will be trained in production techniques and multiplication of 6 types of improved seeds.

Ensure the Community to provide plant and equipment systems for better production and marketing: Today, most poor communities are lack of electricity or even easy access to basic sanitation.Kerosene is used for lighting and water wells as the main source of supply for human and animal consumption. There is significant agricultural potential in the region, however, it is limited by lack of irrigation, poor access to fertilizers
this deprivation encourages fertility rates, soil impoverishment, not to mention that traditional practices such as fallow are almost nothing viable.Through the cooperation agreement between INVXT and LIBTWFI, LCC (a North American company), its macro strategies were developed to improve the living conditions of rural communities through the creation of a modern and efficient system of renewable energies and water supply.

Create an effective pricing system and guarantee access to the market: a website and mobile application will be developed to obtain up-to-date price information established by the commodities and data on the reserves of these products in various parts of the country; as well as information on climate forecasting, major crops for each season, and promoting products from farmers involved in the project, creating a modern and effective marketing strategy.



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