Digester convert food waste into biogas

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Hodma Energy Limited address the challenge for the millions of people in rural and isolated communities get access to low carbon energy by manufacturing portable biogas digesters connected with gas stoves that will relying on households food waste and little animal waste in the first time of using to convert food waste into biogas and fertilizer using anaerobic digestion process. Clean cooking technology of portable biogas digester will be made using plastic products make them affordable to low income people as most plastic materials in Tanzania are cheap. In Tanzania there are no food waste collection services which make food waste everywhere rotten and stink, the price of LPG Gas cylinder for monthly consumption is still high and available only in some regions of Tanzania urban areas and make households to continue using charcoal and firewood. Continue deforestation for Tanzania in five years from now the the total area will reach the size of country Rwanda. Natural Gas infrastructure difficult to be build in rural areas because of their settlements some dispersed and other isolated .



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