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Sustainable sources of wood fuel have diminished. Many poor families’ household budgets strain under the dwindling supply and increasing cost of fuel sources. Deforestation has also become a worldwide epidemic due to poverty, pressures of population growth, and low innovations in the clean energy sector’ Hanny G. Investment Co. Ltd has innovatively invested in biomass carbonated and un-carbonized briquettes (mkaa poa and Kuni Poa ).Kuni PoaThe technology we are using is called binder less briquetting technology. Our briquettes excellent forschools stoves, institution industrial boilers. We manufactured from materials such as sawdust, coffee husks, sugarcane bagasse etcMkaa PoaBriquettes, made of compressed blocks of carbonized agricultural waste, but are manufactured from a readily available, low-cost fuel source, often disposed of as waste. Mainly uses for domestic purpose for cooking. Our project addresses the greenhouse emissions from both unmanaged decomposing waste, as well as from deforestation by replacing firewood and charcoal.If the biomass resources are properly utilized through simple technology in making a cleaner and efficient form of energy, it will bring many positive changes to the lifestyle and economy of the local people Our briquettes are also cost-effective and smokeless, thus being beneficial in terms of economic, environment and public health. It also provides a new waste management strategy that reduces environmental pollute. using our briquette is affordable and available .



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