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At Chemolex Company, we lead the transformation to clean and no emitting environment by developing innovative solutions that provide clean and affordable energy to the East African community. We strike a perfect balance between sustainability and economic development by providing solutions that embrace business profit, people and planet.

Founded in 2016,Chemolex Company applies its novel, innovative and patented technology to produce clean biofuel from the invasive water hyacinth plant. This technology produces clean biofuel that is a better alternative to firewood, charcoal and paraffin that are currently used by more than 1000000 households in Kenya for lighting and cooking purposes. In essence, the technology is innovative because it ensures the highest production of clean biofuel from the invasive water hyacinth within a short period of time and with very minimal costs and waste.The Company has also piloted the biofuel in various light engines and it has proved to be successful in powering motor bikes that are used in transporting agricultural produce in rural households.Also the bofuel has been piloted in petrol based generators that provide electric energy that power businesses within the off grid households.In addition to meeting the huge demand for clean energy in off grid Kenyan households, the production of biofuel from the invasive water hyacinth has offered a critical solution for the challenges caused by the infestation of L. Victoria by water hyacinth plant. The presence of water hyacinth in the lake has led to deaths of fish and rendered the lake inaccessible since the water hyacinth plant form a layer on top of the lake that cannot be penetrated by both small and large water vessels. The presence of water hyacinth also led to outbreak of diseases such as malaria, bilharzia and skin rushes. This is because the water hyacinth acts as breeding grounds for insects that cause these human disease.Based on the latest health records, the prevalence of malaria and other diseases are attributed to the presence of the invasive water hyacinth in the lake Our Company has therefore developed a novel technology that can effectively produce clean biofuel from the water hyacinth plant. The biofuel is currently used by 1000 households in cooking and lighting purposes. Also, the biofuel is used as an alternative to petrol in light engines such as motor bikes and petrol based generators that supplies electricity for 80 businesses within the off grid households.

By using water hyacinth as our major raw materials in the production of clean biofuel, we are able to reduce the aggressive invasion of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria thus reducing the deaths of fish and other aquatic plants. Based on the latest statistics by National Environmental Management Authority, it was established that more than monthly 130000 deaths of fish within the lake are attributed to the presence of the water hyacinth plants. Additionally, the presence of this plant in the lake has rendered the lake impassable thus affecting water transport which is also an economic activity for the riparian communities.

Our project has also created job opportunities to women and young people within the lake communities. This is because the biofuel is currently used to power light engines that produce electricity that powers business within the lake community. The biofuel has also been used in powering motor bikes that provides an effective means of transport to women and farmers whotransport their produce to the appropriate market within the shortest time.



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