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Our solution is more than an idea. We have prototypes, but not the complete system. The whole will be work surely.

It is a very simple battery that can store very high energy. Because it works with the continuous replacement of the electrolyte, it is very suitable for craft. The only drawback is that it can only be used in salt water.

Global collaboration is possible and necessary because this technology uses waste materials that are generated on different continents. It will be the only technology that does not produce carbon but reduces it. Because it uses a lot of water for its operation, it is also possible to filter out micro-plastics from seawater.

One of the battery's electrodes is mercury, but it does not cause mercury pollution, and reduces what coal power plants cause in the seas. In addition, it is possible as an alternative to metal mining, as the metals, solved in sea water (U, Mo, Hg, Ag, Au, etc.), are concentrated on the negative electrode.

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I am an inventor. How every inventor I have problem about lenguage enlish and information technic, demonstration in internet.

But I hope someon will anderstand becouse this solution not a perpetum bobille or others inability. I think the world at the moment needs easy solutions what are feasible. I hope mr Mohammed Bin Rashid thinks so too. We help each other. I alredy got help becouse this possissibility is that too.




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