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This is my Latest Project for My GovernmentSolar Powered Community-Owned Hybrid Minigrid With Battery Storage.

Solar GEM 73 kwp mobile solar power generation unit (20 ft Container) for and storage GEM a mobile storage unit (20 ft Container) for 162 household assume 450w/houses. EMS (Energy Management System) is a digital platform allowing energy and smart grid management.A plug and play solution to manage all hybrid energy configuration.

The Project can be mixes Solar PV , Micro-Hydro (if Available) and Small Genset only Back-up if bad weather for renewable energy production, this is Hybrid Power Plan to provide 24-Hours access electricity for household in the villagers.

The energy produced is sold to villagers at standard rate of energy based on location (country). The Hybrid power plant are managed by a villager – owned organization.

The contractor is responsible for the full Engineering Procurement and Construction of the plant and manage the operation and the maintenance training for the plant.

Profit company from Hybrid Power Plant Villager-owned organization can also develop of communication phone, access to the internet and also for Encouraging sustainable agricultural production and preservationagilcuture with floating hydrophonik system,Technolgy Clean Cookstove, etc.



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