Energy Saving Hybrid Aerator

About Solution

The Idea

Wastewater treatment uses about 2% of the global power consumption, of which typically 60-70% is consumed for aeration. Reduction of power for aeration has thus the highest impact on the plant's power consumption, and thus on its operating costs. Moreover, reduced power consumption results in lower GHG emissions, and thus less global warming.

The Innovation

Hybrid Aerator is an innovative, patent-pending wastewater treatment aerator, existing of a Pump, Multi-Mixing Reactor and a Distribution System. The core technology of Hybrid Aerator is the Multi-Mixing Reactor, which allows the Hybrid Aerator to achieve high Oxygen Transfer Efficiency. The Distribution System is customized in order to provide complete mixing and aeration coverage.

The Impacts & Benefits

  • 50% Lower power consumption, thus lower operating costs
  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Mobile and movable
  • Possibility to use pure oxygen/oxygen enriched air in case of extreme peak loads
  • Flexible installation and flexible configuration



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