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Our main mission is to accelerate transition to a sustainable energy by lowering entry barriers for investment into renewables, while generating attractive financial returns to our customers. In addition to this, we are creating valuable and green jobs in the economy while also doing good for the environment. Also, a part of the profits will go to the afforestation of the burnt areas from forrest fires few years ago.

I believe this project is a WIN-WIN situation for all. People who invest their money into building renewable energy power plants will benefit from a high interest rate on their investment (4-5%), while our customers are going to benefit from using the clean energy which is supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Also, we will benefit since we are going to make money, and with the afforestation(planting trees) project, the environment will benefit as well. In addition to this, the World will benefit since there will be less pollution in the World and our first project will remove at least 1 million tons of CO2 in the next 20 years.

It is also rising communities from poverty since solar panels work really efficient for 25 years, but their lifetime is much longer(some experts predict that they could work approximately 50 years). And, according to the UN, renewable energy is empowering women in societies.



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