Floating solar power plant manufactured from recycled plastic

About Solution

HelioRec's solution is a sustainable, rapid-to-deploy, and cost-effective source of power generation.

We are developers of a new concept: Offshore floating solar power plant manufactured from recycled plastic and we aim to:

  • Save land space by deploying the power plant on the sea;
  • Produce “green” electricity from the mature technology – solar energy;
  • Manage plastic waste through using recycled plastic for floating structures.

Our system has several advantages in comparison with a conventional source of energy or other renewable energy sources (landsolar installation, wind):

  • Low LCOE (stackable and low transportation cost, stackable ratio 52%);
  • Scalable (modular system);
  • Better efficiency (cooling system);
  • Rapid-to-deploy (light design);
  • Lower carbonfoot print(recycled plastic);
  • Autonomous (reliable);
  • Land scarcity reducing (offshore installation);
  • Eco-friendly (green electricity generation).

A full-scalepower plant (4MW) in India, for example:

  • Reduce 265 545 kg of plastic (HDPE);
  • Generate "clean" electricity for 31 000 people;
  • NET CO2 reduction 8270 ton/year;
  • And it saves a land space for other purposes (agriculture, buildings etc.).

Our CEO, winner of the first Women in Green Tech International Award, believes that Offshore floating solar is the next new sector in the energy industry, alongside the wind energy sector (land, offshore and now
floating offshore).

We believe that it is the best time to be a pioneer and develop this technology because:

  • National RE targetsannounced and electrification policies established around the globe;
  • Cost of solar equipment decreased drastically in the last 10 years (improved by a learning curve);
  • People awareness about global warming and plastic pollution.

We have an international teamwith a vast experience in the energy industry, sharing the same passion for the environment and technological advancement.

HelioRec is a member of the World Alliance at Solar Impulse Foundation.



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