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The FREEING ENERGY PROJECT arrangement is a manageable, quick to convey, and cost-effective source of power generation.

We are designers of another idea and new Business model to help developing countries.

  • Produce "green" power from the develop innovation – sun oriented vitality;
  • Produce "Biomass plant" power from the develop innovation-waste material oriented.
  • Manage plastic waste by utilizing reduced plastic for wrapping and for products material.
  • Creating jobs
  • Creating clean and biomass pellets we will be successful to help rural woman and child from big disease.

Our framework has a few points of interest in the examination with a traditional wellspring of vitality or other sustainable power sources (arrive sunlight & Biomass-based establishment)

  • Scalable (measured framework);
  • Better proficiency (cooling framework);
  • Rapid-to-convey (light structure);
  • Lower carbon impression (reused plastic);
  • Autonomous (dependable);
  • Eco-accommodating (green power age).

A full-scale Biomass power control plant in China total capacity of 30,000 MW by 2020

  • Reduce garbage 50 million per year
  • Generate "clean" power for 31 000 individuals;
  • NET CO2 decrease 9270 ton/year;
  • Each power station would have a capacity of 12 MW and supply 7.2 billion kWh per year to 70,000 households.

We trust that it is the best time to be a pioneer and build up this innovation in light of the fact that:

  • National RE targets reported and zap strategies set up far and wide;
  • People mindfulness about a dangerous atmospheric deviation and plastic contamination.

Notwithstanding enhancing power get to, this venture tries to grow limit with regards to nearby network responsibility for vitality innovation to enable neighborhood control and the executives. Neighborhood proprietorship disseminates the advantages of sun oriented establishments specifically to networks which, when combined with work age, will disturb the negative cycles of asset extraction and monetary hardship changing nearby financial chances. The Solar Village Initiative will start progress towards network possessed, helpfully overseen sunlight based age frameworks. Moreover, this activity will empower scientists and network individuals to create and refine best practices for comparative network based sustainable power source age extends in the nation and comprehensively.



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