Generation of Electrical Energy from Atmospheric Ions

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Electricity has become an important necessity in life as it powers almost everything present around us, and access to itis just as important as access to food and health care for those in the developing world. However, there are around 1 billion people out there right now suffering without the access to electricity. That's almost 15% of our global population who cannot study at night, use equipments in hospitals, cook proper food, contact their loved ones, and more...

The most common reason to why theydon't have factors that play a veryimportant part of their lives is due to their presence at rural areas. This is the part where the extension of the electrical grid isdifficult and costly as long distances needs to be covered first for the provision of electricity inthe area.

To overcome this, the development of renewable energy sources such as solarpower and wind power have beenutilised and encouraged over several nations. But one has to note the fact that the present renewable energy sources are all dependent on a factor. For example, solar power depends on the sun light, wind power depends on the wind, and hydro power depends on awater source. If these factors are not present, they are merely practically useless.

But what if we could generate electricity from a renewable source that is present around us everywhere at anytime?Utilising theconceptof Atmospheric Physics, it is known that our atmosphere is filled positive ions while the ground holds negative ions which is the basic understanding of how lightings work. These different charges are all a result of the Sun's radiation as it enters the Earth and breaks down into secondary particles leading to a cosmic ray shower. With it, our planet is constantly being charged by these ions that allows us to have an unlimitedaccess to its energy as Thomas Henry Moray described it as "the sea of energy in which the Earth floats" when hetested these ideas and proved it with disclosed prototypes that have been demonstrated before several professionals.

Our proposal is a prototype that canutilise theconcept ofAtmosphericIons to generate electrical energy by having only an aerial and ground connection. Theaerial connection will serve as the ion collector where the positive ions will be harnessed, while the ground is where the negative ions will be collected. Using these two connections in our designed circuit module, it will force the collected ions in one direction which will induce a flow of electrons and will result in an electrical output.

Our team believes that harnessing this type of energy will help solve one of the world's most important issues, and will one day be able to light the homes of the ones in dark. We can now powerup to 2 volts per module and with more modules added in series and parallel, we can power even more. There arepeople out there without access to even light which is a significant part of all our lives and seeing this, we want our project to reach the hands of those who need it the most and hope this platform will allow us to help achieve it.



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