Genomtec ID – mobile genetic laboratory

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If we do nothing, 10 million people will die annually as of 2050 due to antibiotic resistance. There is a gap between what top laboratories own and what is really accessible to thousands of health care providers, doctors and medical staff, farmers and farm owners, especially in developing countries. Waiting a few days for reliable data is often too long. A virus? Bacteria? Specialists need to know faster, cheaper, anywhere. Professionals know they need to reduce antibiotics prescriptions. How? Our solution is a portable lab that fits in the pocket. Combines mobility, ease of use and speed of analysis with professional amplification and detection of specific DNA and RNA fragments. No specialist is needed. The lab-on-chip analyser in just 20 minutes is capable of 100% detecting the presence of DNA or RNA in the genetic material (blood, saliva, urine or any biological material) with the lowest currently possible limit, 5 copies of genetic material. It identifies viruses, bacteria, genetic mutations, fungi.



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