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GENÜS-F is a new innovative ocean wave powered block ice plant that is running without both electricity or expensive fossil fuels to preserve both fisheries catch and agricultural produce, assuring their freshness and quality during harvest and post-harvest handling. GENÜS-F is powered by free mechanical energy in form of rotational motions both pitch and roll movement of the small floating vessel that is affected by the ocean wave around shoreline.

Unlike the existing block ice plant for fishery and agricultural preservation that powered by expensive energy whether from electricity or fossil fuel, GENÜS-F is an effective and cost-saving way of preserving the fishery catch and agricultural produce by utilize the free, abundant, clean, and renewable energy from the ocean wave. Hence it will help many fishermen, farmer, and small trader, especially those who are low income by minimize or even eliminating the risk of loss due to degradation of the fishery catches and agricultural produce quality.

In social-economic point of view, application of GENÜS-F will help many fishermen and farmer for their sustainability, especially those who are small and low-income farmer and fishermen by significantly reducing their operating cost and losses due to preservation problem. In environmental aspect, GENÜS-F is eco-friendly block ice plant as it creates no harmful emission such as CO2.



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