Green Malasha P2P Gas Micro-Grid

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Based in Lusaka, Zambia, Green Malasha's mission is to dramatically increase access to affordable, reliable and clean cooking fuel in African communities, while providing a more convenient and environmentally-responsible alternative to charcoal, firewood, kerosene. Green Malasha is an online platform that connects distributors of liquified petroleum/natural gas and consumers via the company's payg gas micro-grid system. A core aspect of the company’s service is providing gas storage-as-a-service and enabling payments. From data collected on consumers’ smart gas meters, Green Malasha provides connected end-users with gas and end-users must buy tokens via their mobile phone to access the gas. Green Malasha expects to increase access to clean cooking fuel and, off-set the demand for biomass, with multiple benefits including improved health and reduced deforestation. Direct and indirect jobs would be created for technicians within their community and, cost savings would be realized in the use of shared infrastructure-as-service.



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