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The present solution has production of Green Metals Nanoparticles (GMNP) through green recycling of metal wastes. It is also crucial to recognize the biochemical and molecular mechanism of production of nanoparticles and their characterization. Nevertheless, more research is focused on the application point of views such as biomedical, sensors, antimicrobial, water treatment, pharmacy, agriculture, energy and cancer treatment etc., and there are many opportunities for nanotechnologist to use greener nanoparticle synthesis. The proposed solution is also looking to broaden the understanding of modern developments in the greener methods of synthesis of metal nanoparticles, characterization and their applications of interest.we don't use any chemical material in preparation process , also we can use solar energy in our process

  • In this solution, Green Metal Nano-Particles appear to be a more potent inhibitor against Gram-negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria. (S. aureus, E. coli, k. pneumonia & P. aeruginosa).
  • The present study, Green Metal Nano-Particles appear to be a more potent inhibitor against (MCF7) breast cancer cell line, but we are not understand the mechanism action for this.
  • This differential action of antibacterial property of Nano-particles may be depending upon the active compounds on thespecific bacteria.
  • These results were revealed the importance of Nano-particles in control of some human pathogenic microorganisms & Breast cancer.

The re-emergence of infectious diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the frequency of infections caused by opportunistic fungal strains represent a serious threat in public health worldwide. We have faced some problems which follow as:

  • Increasing microbial resistance has emerged as a major challenge to the healthcare systems and despite the wide range of the available antimicrobial therapies, microbial infections remain high, due to the ability of these organisms to develop resistance to virtually all antimicrobial therapies. New strategies are needed to control these microbial infections.
  • Scarcity of used cancer drugs.
  • Side Effects of Chemical Drugs.

Medical sections as the followings:

  • Ministry of Health.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies
  • Supply of medical supplies companies

Research Centers

Our Solutions:

  • Recycling of mineral waste and production of Green Metal Nanoparticles.
  • Producing antibacterial residues from GMNP.
  • Producing antifungal substances from GMNP.
  • Producing GMNP have anticancer activity.
  • The production of safe pesticides. (under construction).
  • Production of fertilizers using in agriculture, but it is under construction.
  • Production of filters by GMNP to water treatment



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