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Climate change represents the most significant challenge of the twenty-first century and poses risks to water and sanitation services.

Key actions to reduce climate risks include the integration of measures of climate resilience into water safety plans, as well as improved accounting and management of water resources.

According to the World Health Organization, It should be emphasized that more than 2 billion people around the world do not have access to adequate & safe sanitation service.

In addition, every day 800 children die due to diarrhea diseases related to the preventable sanitation. Most of this population are living in African and developing countries.

In MOROCCO, 15 MILLION in 32000 villages suffer from the pollution caused by the DIRECT REJECTION OF WASTEWATER without any treatment, which affects population health, contaminate potable water and pollute the environment.

Existing technologies are very expensive, unsuitable for rural areas and require high expertise for operation. Green WATECH brings the right solution.


Our startup Green WATECH addresses the social need of the "right to sanitation service" via implementation of wastewater treatment plant in rural areas. Green WATECH offers a new eco-innovative and efficient practical solution called ‘Multi soil layering technology’ that based on water filtration using low-cost and available materials such as soil, gravel, and sawdust.

Wastewater is collected from households in rural areas and treated by our technology that produces high quality of treated water that can be safely reused in irrigation.

Compared to the existing technologies, our solution is characterized by:

  • Low investment cost,
  • This technology occupies a small area,
  • Simple to operate by the local population,
  • Remove 90 % of pollutants and pathogens,
  • No energy is required for its operation,
  • And the lifespan is estimated at more than 20 years.

The application of our solution not only improves life quality and well being of the rural population, but also protects the environment from pollution and contributes to the development of agriculture and improves food security.

Our technology was patented in Morocco since 2017 Patent: MA37803B1, (2017)

Our pilot project was recently implemented in a rural village (Tahanaout, Morocco), we work in a participatory approach involving local population (man, women and also children) in different tasks including the construction of WWTP( Waste Water Treatment Plant).

Our prevision is to implement 4 projects by 2019, 8 projects by 2020 and 15 projects by 2021.

The average population for Moroccan villages is about 1000 inhabitants per village, if everything goes well for us, more than 27 000 people will benefit from our project in three years.

We envision scaling up beyond our community which is ( Marrakech province) by sharing and duplicating our expertise with other provinces of Morocco and then others MENA and African countries where more than 1 billion people don’t have access to sanitation service.

“AFRICA is the fastest urbanizing continent on the planet and the demand for water and sanitation is outstripping supply in cities”

Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT






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