GSL PV Integration on Galapagos Islands

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OrcaTec is developing affordable renewable energy solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, raise environmental consciousness among the local population (30.000 inhabitants of Galapagos) and potentially 250.000 tourists every year. Currently the energy generation is 70% fossil and only 30% renewable.

We want to develop and offer different decentralized renewable applications:

PV Charging Stations

The renewable systems are installed in decentralized charging stations for the uprising electric vehicles which are entering the islands. Soon many electric vehicle will be charged by renewable energies.

PV Pumping and Irrigation Systems

The Galapagos Islands have a very dry climate and the local populations depends highly a freshwater. Through some month rain harvesting is feasible, but most of the year scarce freshwater is being used for irrigation green areas and public parks. At the same time sewage water is discharged into the Ocean without proper treatment.

OrcaTec is installing decentralized sewage water purification systems which are cleaning the sewage water in order to use it for irrigation, recycling or cooling. Since 2017 seven projects could be realized, even a sewage water treatment for 1500 inhabitants of the Island of Isabela.

Now we would like to pump the cleaned water in order to irrigate, store and recycle. Therefore we want to connect photovoltaic panels with recycled water pumps. The water pumps will be extracted from damaged washing machines. The pumps can be reused in order to pump the cleaned sewage water to the irrigation system.When the sun is shining the water can be pumped without the need of batteries.

The irrigation system is designed in various forms in order to comply with the demands of our clients. Some hotels rather want to have easy maintainable flower gardens whereas residential owners are interested in spice or vegetable options. We offer fruit , decorative flower, grass and easy maintenance, spice and vegetable gardens.

PV Contracting Models

OrcaTec will install decentralized renewable energy solutions whereas the client will be charged a monthly contracting fee. Since the electricity cost can raise up to 0.4 USD per kWh renewable alternatives are highly interesting and feasible. The contracting model allows also low income families to access renewable solutions. The contracting model is the core of this application since we need to finance the credits we are giving to our clients. Once in place it can also be used to finance solar thermal solutions and also sewage water purification systems.

Local Know-how and Employment

The renewable systems need to be installed and maintained properly. OrcaTec will develop several capacity building activities for local technicians who will acquire technical knowledge, income and motivation to work in the sector of renewable energy or even sustainable development.



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