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We propose a community-level centralized smart solar mini-grid system as a sustainable solution to the electricity poverty in rural communities. Having proven this concept in two rural communities in Nigeria, with demonstrable success, we see mini-grids as the fastest way to electrify geographically displaced communities across the country. First, we make us of solar photo-voltaic cells to generate clean energy based on the energy demand of the rural community. This is determined by conducting a thorough site assessment of the community. Due to the intermittent nature of the sun, a battery storage is built along with the solution to ensure electricity availability in the night and during cloudy days. Our solution caters to the energy needs of both household and commercial/productive users in each community.A power house will be constructed and low voltage distribution lines used to distribute the electricity to each customer. Each customer will pay for electricity units on a kWh basis. Each connection is installed with a smart prepaid meter. The smart prepaid meters offer the following features:Theft preventionRemote monitoring of the individual connectionsAutomated billing (PAY-AS-YOU-GO)Easy payment collection (through connected mobile money APIs)



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