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Lifesciencez Alive NUBz are healthcare clinical establishments with complete practical facility of diagnostics & precise medicament including provision of providing treatment round the clock, round the globe. The facility is practical service platform running on minimal power and very limited space requirement enables it in extending services to maximum areas including busy city centres to slums.

Depending upon the requirement of any area/locality, it can be extended on the same platform or reduced in shape, size of workforce & budget accordingly. It also ensures maximum upgraded medical science services availability at the extreme edges anywhere inhabited, round the globe, in other words it is a micro approach solution to a macro problem of healthcare.

Cost of establishment of an average unit is $30000 approximately with a capacity to provide service to 800 patients a day on regular basis with varying recurring parameters. Cost is variable w.r.t increase in number of patients at a low curve hence it is a better solution to expand & keep functioning even in situations of any natural calamity or disaster. High skill workforce needed for unit-base is minimum due to implementation of copyright protected i-MINDS AI system and it gives space for best utilization of mid-segment para-medics, hence reducing operational costs.

We at Lifesciencez work for practical solution. A complete online solution is beyond practical hence we are devoted and determined to resolve the major issue of lifecare and healthcare through an innovative field use of internet, computer technology, artificial intelligence, human expertise & skills in a low costing, excessive precise medicament facility which can be extended within reach of every single individual on the planet. It not only provides job, business opportunity but also can be used through philanthropical approach to serve mankind. It depends what motive is placed on priority and flexibility of Lifesciencez Alive NUBz is at service to serve the same motive of human service.

Lifesciencez Alive is a unique effort which serves two different dimensions of human social system. On one side it resolves healthcare issue of rich and poor with the same insight & on the other it generates employment, business as well as philanthropy & Corporate Social Responsibility meets in making GLOBAL HEALTH-A VISION WITHIN REACH.

Lifesciencez Alive NUBz are innovative small to medium PCO kind setups to provide healthcare facilities 24x7. NUBz are designed to consume minimal power, accessible and controlled from a central control & with zero paper usage hence they are Eco-friendly clinical health-service centres.

We are core team of women entrepreneurs & as a startup we are having all necessary copyrights to ensure the motives of human health are served with same compassion and devotion with our innovation backed up by passion and devoted support team to make the world a better place every passing day, We are working hard to get the venture support in B2B2C to establish assured health security, into revolutionary global reality.



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