High interval GPS for energy saving

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Managing the way we consume energy that is currently available to us is key for sustainable energy and society. Machines can only take us so far but our behaviour will finally determine the effectiveness of any innovations. Recklessly using energy that we take for granted, while it can be used to help the poor is not only wasteful and create inequality, but also harmful for the planet.

Our aim is to make the utilisation of energy (in the form of fuel) less wasteful so that the energy could be shared with others more effectively.

Our company, FUELEAN is developing a web based transport management system that helps transport sector to save up to 20% fuel consumption. The key to this technology is using GPS to alter driving behaviour so that we drive in a manner that would save energy which converts into less fuel consumption and in turn, less emission. Emission reduction is very important as it is the poorest community that would feel the impact of emission even though they contributed very little to the deterioration of air quality.

At the moment we are in product development phase, and aim to have the Minimum Viable Product ready for early adopters by June 2019. Our long term target is to have every drivers using it in 10 years time but for now our beachhead market is fleet operators in SouthEast Asia. This market is important as SouthEast Asia is one of the fastest growing population in the world which translated into ever increasing demand for energy in transport sector. This is also a region where manufacturing cost is low thus large companies are highly invested in the area, which further increase energy demand.

We have also taken into account the electrification of vehicles in the near future where our solution will become increasingly important as the energy used to drive the vehicle can only be used efficiently by good driving behaviour, regardless of how good a vehicle is.

Therefore, we feel that our solution which uses GPS to alter driving behaviour, which translate into energy saving and less emission would greatly advance the MBR cause to enhance the progress of sustainable energy for mankind.



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