Hilico, Rain water harvesting system

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The global water crisis is growing fast. There are over 783 million people that do not have access to clean water, more than a million who die every year of waterborne diseases (A child every minute!) and in addition, the poor all around the world pay up to 66 times more for clean water. For the past five years we have been volunteering in disaster response, and experienced the challenge first hand. In operating and adapting to off-grid conditions, we understood that humanity must find ways to bridge the gap between the advanced technology that is available today worldwide and the people who really need it. We noticed that rainwater is often overlooked, and that most of the developing countries that deal with severe water issues have a lot of precipitation. For them - We started Hilico. We designed a system that’s portable, affordable, maximizing sanitation and environmentally friendly. Simplicity is the key, and our solution is as simple as it gets. We created our system by curating and adapting technologies that could be found all around us and simplified and perfected them by using methods of biomimicry to imitate what nature does best. A portable, lightweight, and innovative rain-harvesting system designed to sustainably provide clean drinking water to off-grid communities and disaster relief areas worldwide. The system is composed of four main parts; the connector which is adjustable to almost any anchor that is between 4-40 centimeters in diameter, the leaf collection surface that holds the water in, the small filtration, and the storage unit which is made of two collapsible containers. The whole system is foldable into a lightweight backpack that weighs 900 grams, and allows maximum sanitation and efficiency in set-up and packing up. Our system is simple, does not require any pre-existing infrastructure.



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